Paying with Bitcoin

The benefits of Bitcoin

Lower Transaction Costs – Up to 15% less, which means cheaper prices for you.

Faster Order Processing – Automatic payment means your order is shipped much sooner.

How to get Bitcoin

Step 1: Set up a Bitcoin wallet

For this, we recommended Coinbase; the interface is really easy to use and you can set up your wallet in minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.41.48 PM

Step 2. Convert your money to Bitcoin

There are many different ways to convert your money to Bitcoin, but these are two of the easiest ways for beginners:

Credit card to Bitcoin

You’ll need a cellphone and your government-issued ID handy (currently 120 countries are accepted), provides one of the fastest ways to convert your credit card to Bitcoin online.


Cash to Bitcoin

You might prefer purchasing Bitcoin with cash if you can find someone nearby who can provide this service to you. Check out to see if there is someone in your area who accepts cash (or other types of payment). You can find local sellers who are online right away, and you will need to set up a account to contact them.


Western Union to Bitcoin

If you can’t find a local Bitcoin dealer and you don’t have a credit card, you can also use to find a dealer who will accept payment through Western Union. Set up a account to contact each dealer to find out their payment details and instructions.

Your Wallet Address

You will need to provide your Bitcoin receiving address to the vendor that will provide you with the Bitcoin. To find out what your receiving address is in Coinbase, make an account, log in and click on BTC Wallet in the menu, and then Wallet address on the top, right-hand corner.


Your Bitcoin Wallet Address will look similar the following:


Step 3. Pay with your BitCoin wallet

Simply select PLACE ORDER when completing your purchase with MyGearGuru.


On the next page you will be provided with an amount in bitcoin and a bitcoin payment address. It’s important that you pay this amount exactly within the 15 minute timeframe.


Note: The BTC amounts and Bitcoin wallet addresses shown in the images above are only for demonstrative purposes ONLY. DO NOT use these details when paying.

Once you have done this, in Coinbase, go to Send/Request in the menu.

Copy and paste our Bitcoin address into the Recipient field.

Copy and paste the Bitcoin amount given to you so you don’t make any errors, and then press the Send Funds button.


IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you keep the MyGearGuru website open with the open connection when making payment from your bitcoin wallet. This enables us to link your payment with your order, and to give you immediate payment confirmation.

That’s it. You’ve paid!


Once you’ve paid you’ll receive a notification and we will dispatch your order within 1-2 business days.